Watch The Video Below To Find Out How
Watch The Video Below To Find Out How
Work With Me To Overpower Your Lying Inner Critic & Cease the Negative Self-Talk
"You are not worthy."
"You are unlovable."
"You will die alone."
"You are a burden to everyone around you."
"You are never going to amount to anything."
"The world will be better off without you."
You wouldn’t say this to a stranger, and yet you have the audacity to accept that it is ok to say these things to yourself. You repeat it so often, that you believe them as fact, and that it is a part of your identity.

If you never heard that voice, what would you have accomplished by now?
What would your life be like moving forward if that voice stuck a cork in it and shut the hell up? 
  • You will have an insane amount of confidence and self-esteem that you no longer feel like you are your own worst enemy.
  • You will be successful and accomplished, that you would no longer feel behind in life compared to your peers, wishing you had a fraction of what their happy life appears to be on social media.
  • You will finally have the courage to talk to that hot guy (maybe even ask out), that you’ve been crushing on for months because the thought of rejection no longer paralyzes you with fear.
  • You will feel worthy of that raise or promotion, so you can save up for that big once-in-a-lifetime vacation you always wanted to take, or buy that first home to start a family.
  • You will have unwavering conviction in your abilities to quit the job you hate to start a business for that great idea you’ve been sitting on for years which you know will help a lot of people.
  • You will be happy with no regrets, because you will be living the way you want, and would no longer feel like you are wasting your whole life and that your best years are behind you.
The problem is that your inner critic is SO LOUD and SO OVERACTIVE that it has complete control over you, and immense power on how you feel, what you believe, and how you act.

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Get Started In Just 3 Simple Steps
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Book a call so we can see if ODYSSEY will be a right fit for you!

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Fill out a short application to enroll in the program so we can tailor your experience specifically to you!
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And finally, get ready to tell your inner critic to FUCK OFF because you will soon start living that dream life without its negative, loud, and overactive voice getting in the way.
Get Started In Just 3 Simple Steps
Step 1
Book a call so we can see if ODYSSEY will be a right fit for you!
Step 2
Fill out a short application to enroll in the program so we can tailor your experience specifically to you!
Step 3
And finally, get ready to tell your inner critic to FUCK OFF because you will soon start living that dream life without its negative, loud, and overactive voice getting in the way.
Watch The Video Below To Learn More About The Program
Think Of ODYSSEY As A 12-Week Confidence Accelerator

1:1 Intensive Live Video Sessions

Providing a space for transformation where you feel safe, valued, and heard, so you can walk the journey unencumbered, where the sole focus is on getting you the results you want.

Weekly Coaching Calls

Providing you the support and the step-by-step-know-how to effectively battle your inner critic, destroy limiting beliefs, and inspire you to keep taking consistent action forward.

Weekly or Daily Accountability Check-Ins

(Depending on level of support needed) Get direct access to your coach through Facebook Messenger, so you have a partner at your side at all times when your inner critic becomes too loud between weekly sessions.

Personalized Practical Assignments

Each week there will be hands-on exercises which will guarantee your progress and results, that you will actually see and feel, so your confidence will skyrocket.

Comprehensive 1:1 Assessment call 

At the end of the program we can celebrate your transformation together, and set a plan to achieve more.

Post Check-In Call

A call 1 month after the program for continued support as to ensure your inner critic remains silent, so you can continue to take steps towards living a fulfilled life in peace. 

If It Can Work For Them It Can Work For You

I Saw Results In 2 Sessions

I Restored Faith In Myself

Jordan Truly Cares About You

These Guys Loved It
"It Changed Everything!"
"It has really changed everything in my everyday life and will continue on to become a better person as I desire to be. Thank you so much for showing me light and the way on to a better life! " - Andre Hurtado
"I Love Myself Now!"
"I started to love myself and accept myself for who I am. He helped me gain back a lot of the lost confidence and I can truly say that I love who I am now." - Rob Wheeler

"I Am Grateful!"
"I am grateful having spent some time talking with Jordan who really made me think after giving me a no-judgment platform to express out loud all my stressors and put it supportively back in my court." - Nathaniel Baker

Are you ready for me to help you get a quieter inner critic in 12 weeks and finally get the confidence you deserve?



I went through a life crisis that made me question everything! I really felt the massive weight of mortality on my shoulders, and it scared the living shit out of me. This kick-in-the-ass wake-up call led me on a spiritual awakening and personal development quest to try to fix my life, and ultimately fix me. Long story short, everything I tried or pursued was met with resistance by the loud voice in my head that kept telling me I was not good enough [sound familiar?]. I really wanted to change, but my inner critic kept destroying my confidence (as well as my self-esteem) to see anything through, or to even start something new.

After spending lots of precious time and money on different solutions to “fix” everything, I made one simple connection that would change the course of my life forever: My inner critic is NOT me, and if I don’t learn how to silence this monster, I will never get the confidence to even attempt at living a life that I would deem worth living, and I would die miserable, hating the life lived, and full of regrets. [Ok...breathe]

Once I committed to silencing the monster that is my inner critic, the confidence I wish I had all along started to grow. I no longer felt like a failure, or behind in life. I was able to overpower that voice to take the necessary steps towards the things that I actually wanted to do, and I am SO MUCH HAPPIER for it! The monster is still present and does win from time to time, but I can cage the beast faster and for longer each time. As a gay man, with ADHD, OCD, anxiety, and depression who once felt like a loser with no confidence, now has goals and the ability and conviction to achieve them. He loves himself immensely, and loves the process of living his life. YOU CAN HAVE THIS TOO!

Every gay man, even the one reading this right now, [yes you, I am calling you out] is deserving and worthy of creating their version of success and freedom [who doesn’t want that?]. All you have to do is silence your inner critic. It is my mission to make sure more gay men can do just that. Put on your rainbow capes. Ready your sword and shield. Get ready for battle. GAGE THE BEAST!
  • Are you ready to invest in yourself and take massive action to say good goodbye to all the negative self-talk, so can you start living a more balanced and peaceful life?
  • Are you ready to start getting momentum by working with me, as we declare war on your inner critic monster and doing what it takes to win to keep it caged, so you will no longer be its puppet where it has total control over how you feel, what you believe, and how you act?
  • Are you ready to become your own hero with no limits that has full confidence to go after and achieve what they truly want?
  • If this sounds like you, apply now and let’s work together, so you can FINALLY BE FREE.



Your inner critic is most likely screaming so loud right now that it is probably filling you with great uncertainty and doubt at this very moment. The monster screams the loudest and tightens its grip whenever you start to take the right steps in the right direction for yourself. See this as your sign that you are doing what will finally solve this painful problem for you. 

You are worthy of this transformation. 
It is time you started believing it. 
PS: I only work with 3 clients a month to ensure I am providing you with the highest level of service and support required for you to see the results you want. The spots fill up fast! So decide now!
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